Reddit Pages to Find Technology News

For technology news, you should look at the r/tech subreddit. Besides the general technology subreddit, you can also search for specific tech news on other subreddits. The subreddits that cover particular tech tend to be more active, and they can be helpful in finding technology news. Just be sure to be aware of the level of ‘technical’ expertise required to participate in the discussions.

Another popular site is Digg. This site is known for its clutter-free UI and easy navigation features. It’s an excellent resource for breaking technology news, and it has been around since 1997. Though it has recently started to include paid-to-feature articles, the site’s moderation policy prevents it from promoting unworthy content. Users can also share articles to other social media accounts.

Another great place to get tech news is Reddit, and it has a wealth of technology-related subreddits. RedditTECH, for example, is dedicated to technology news and scandals. This page can be a little political, though, so make sure you read up on the news. Also, check out TechCrunch and Mashable. These two pages cover the latest technology news and are definitely worth a visit.

Reddit is a community website that allows you to discuss any topic you want. It’s open and inclusive, allowing anyone to participate in discussions. Reddit users also enjoy the fact that they can post anonymously, and many topics are covered by dozens of people. It’s not surprising that Reddit has a huge tech community – 38% of the users consider themselves to be “tech nerds”!

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