Fashion and the Matrix

The Wachowski brothers’ groundbreaking 1999 sci-fi film The Matrix has become an iconic late ’90s cultural symbol. The uniform worn by the characters is also an iconic style, featuring trench coats, patent leather, combat boots, and tiny sunglasses. Like Cher Horowitz’s plaid ensemble in Clueless, the Matrix’s uniform has gained mainstream appeal.

The Matrix-themed fashion is no joke. Characters in the movies wear all-leather ensembles, including floor-length black coats. In contrast, you won’t find a beat-up jumper in the movie, which is a sign of the times. Leather everything, including sweaters and clothes, is in, and will continue to be, the style of the future.

The Matrix’s signature wardrobe is an excellent example of the way fashion can be used to make a statement. The characters in the film aren’t necessarily in the same mood as we are, but their ensembles have a strong aesthetic impact. A short asymmetrical black wool jacket dress, for example, is smart and wearable even in today’s fashion world. Similarly, the Nebuchadnezzar ship is another iconic icon of the movie.

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