How to Dress Up Like John Preston in Equilibrium

As an Equilibrium fan, you may be wondering how you can dress up like the movie’s lead character. After all, you’re aiming for a dark ensemble to go with your new outfit. Here are a few tips to follow. Wear dark clothes with black accents to match Preston’s look. Alternatively, you can try out a pair of black leather boots. Either way, you’ll look like John Preston.

In Equilibrium, the world is a dystopian future after World War II, where the ruling class has a strong hold over society. Probably not just one man is in charge, but a few. The society is so twisted that anything that is associated with emotion is illegal. The ruling class gives its citizens a drug that suppresses their emotions. John Preston, a cleric, is the enforcer of this policy.

The most striking way to wear the Equilibrium coat is to pair it with a pair of black slim-fit pants or jeans. You can also accessorize it with a decent black color wristwatch. The final outfit is complete with a pair of black high-tops. The coat is also a great option for a casual night out on the town. This outfit is not only stylish but also functional.

To make your costume as cool as possible, you should consider incorporating some of the movie’s more iconic moments. While there is no specific rule that says you should follow the movie’s style, you can use the rules of the hero. For example, in the opening scene, Preston burns the Mona Lisa Smile painting, but you’ll find that he doesn’t know why it’s so significant. Also, Preston is preoccupied with the smaller portion of his enemies, ignoring the rest until they get close enough to shoot him.

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